DHP: Hurricane Harvey’s Resource Guide

Driscoll Health is committed to the safety and health of all our members and their families. The information on this page is to devoted share helpful information that you may need.

Call Member Services at 1-877-324-7543 if you need:

  • To get an emergency prescription refill.
  • Replace necessary medical equipment, services or supplies.
  • Get a new copy of your Member ID card.
  • Or any other important matters

 You can continue to view our DHP Facebook as well for other helpful updates


As a “Friend of the Family” Driscoll Health Plan will ensure that your quality of health and well-being remain our focus. We remain positive that our communities will grow better and brighter through our shared commitment to Strong South Texas Families.

-Driscoll Health Plan Leadership Team


Helpful Resources and Information

On Thursday, August 31, 2017, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services approved a state of Texas request, permitting the state the ability to do the following:

  • Allow CHIP enrollees to receive services beyond their certification period and provide additional time to submit a renewal or verification.
  • Waive certain verification requirements at application and renewal.
  • Waive CHIP co-payments through November 30, 2017.
  • Waive CHIP enrollment fees for families approved for coverage or renewal in August, September, and October and November 2017.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Due to disruptions to mail delivery and to ensure continuity of services, HHS received federal approval to provide a six month extension of medical benefits for Medicaid, CHIP and Healthy Texas Women members whose permanent residence is in one of the FEMA-declared disaster counties.

Members that were up for renewal of their benefits in August, September, October or November will have their certification periods automatically extended for six months. Members do not need to take any action for this extension to be effective.

Households with certification periods ending in:

  • August 2017 will be automatically extended through February 2018;
  • September 2017 will be automatically extended through March 2018;
  • October 2017 will be automatically extended through April 2018; and
  • November 2017 will be automatically extended through May 2018.

Source: Texas Health and Human Services Commission

  • SNAP Card (food stamps): call the Lonestar helpdesk toll-free at 1-800-777-7328.
  • Green Cards: Call 800-375-5283 or click here.
  • Birth and Death Certificates: Call 888-963-7111 or visit this website.
  • Texas Driver’s License: Call 512-424-2600 or click here.
    • If you lost your driver’s license or identification card during the storm, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) wants to replace it free of charge. This applies to people living in the counties affected by Hurricane Harvey. The DPS asks residents to bring any form of identification or documentation that they can along with some sort of proof of residency. These items can be taken to a driver’s license office for replacement.
  • Bank Checks, ATM/Debit Cards, or Safe Deposit Boxes: Call 877-275-3342 or click here.
  • Credit Cards: Contact your issuing institution: American Express (800-992-3404), Discover (800-347-2683), MasterCard (800-622-7747), or Visa (800-847-2911).
  • Credit Reports: Contact Equifax, Experian, or Transunion at 877-322-8228 or visit annualcreditreport.com
  • Social Security Card: Call 800-772-1213 or click here.
  • Fraud Alerts or a Credit Freeze: Call 877-438-4338 or click here.
  • Medicare Cards: Call 800-772-1213 or click here.
  • Passport: Call 202-955-0430 or 877-487-2778 or click here.
  • U.S. Savings Bonds: Call 800-722-2678 or 800-553-2663 or click here.
  • Tax Returns: Call 800-829-1040 or click here.
  • Military Records: Call 866-272-6272 or click here.
  • Vehicle Titles: Call 888-368-3689 or click here.
  • Replace a Texas Marriage Record or Certificate: Visit this website for statewide information or visit this site for your issuing Clerk of Court.

Open Shelters

Mother Theresa Shelter Inc.

Address: 513 Sam Rankin Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Contact Information: (361) 883-7372


CC Hope House

Address: 658 Robinson Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78404

Contact Information: (361) 852-2273


Good Samaritan Rescue Mission

Address: 210 S. Alameda St., Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Contact Information: (361) 883-6195


The Dome at Woodsboro High School

Address: 904 Locke Street, Woodsboro, TX 78393


Bayside Community Center (Currently providing food, shelter, tools and toiletries)
Address: 909 1st St., Bayside, TX 78340

Contact Information: (361) 529-6520


Shelters Not Operating

There are no shelters currently operating in the following cities:

  • Aransas Pass
  • Fulton
  • Ingleside
  • Rockport
  • Tivoli


Food and shelter is always provided at no cost by the Red Cross

Contact Information: Corpus Christi: (361) 887-9991

Who can stay in a Red Cross shelter?

Everyone is welcome at a Red Cross shelter. The Red Cross does not discriminate based on nationality, race, religious beliefs, class, disability, political opinions, sexual orientation, or gender identity. If you need to leave your home due to a disaster or emergency, you are welcome to come to a Red Cross shelter.

  • Your service animal is also welcome. Please speak with a shelter worker if your service animal is in need of food or supplies.

 No need for a reservation, just show up

If you need our help, come to the shelter. If you want to speak with someone in advance, it’s best to contact your local Red Cross chapter. But please understand: in times of crisis, everyone at the chapter office may be busy providing shelter services.

 Let us know if you have special needs

When you arrive, please let us know if you have any specific needs or requests for equipment, supplies, food, or cultural or religious requirements. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

What to Bring (And What Not to Bring)

Emergencies can happen suddenly and you may not have time to pack. Your safety is most important – grab your loved ones and get out of harm’s way! However if you do have time to pack, please consider these tips.

Do Bring:

  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Medications
  • Your child’s stuffed animal,
  • Blanket or other “lovey”
  • Your emergency kit

Don’t Bring:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons

Services Offered

During a disaster or emergency, you can rely on Red Cross shelters for:

  • A safe place to sleep
  • Meals, snacks and water
  • Health services (for disaster-related conditions), such as first aid, refilling lost prescriptions or replacing lost eyeglasses
  • Emotional support and mental health services
  • Spiritual care
  • Help reconnecting with loved ones
  • Information about disaster-related resources in the community
  • You can also access these services even if you don’t need a place to sleep: anyone with a disaster-related need can visit the shelter to be directed to the appropriate resources.

During some emergencies, we may also be able to provide other important services, such as:

  • Access to case workers to help you with disaster recovery
  • Childcare
  • Laundry
  • Direct access to services provided by our partners

UPDATE: Gregory-Portland ISD Reaches Capacity for Student Enrollment


Corpus Christi Area

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has established a telephone hotline for parents living in the Corpus Christi area whose children have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Parents can get information on public education options for their student by calling (512) 463-9603. The hotline will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day including weekends.

Facilities in three Aransas County school districts – Aransas County ISD (Rockport-Fulton), Aransas Pass ISD and Port Aransas ISD – were heavily damaged by the hurricane and will not be in position to open for some time.

TEA continues working with all districts in affected areas as damage assessments are compiled. The agency will coordinate with other education service centers in various regions of the state to include their areas in the hotline once additional information on local options for parents is identified.

Aransas ISD

Aransas ISD has announced it will be closed indefinitely and students should be enrolled in other districts.

Port Aransas ISD

Port Aransas ISD confirmed that it plans to open the district on October 16. Most staff members will report back to work on October 9.

Texas Education Agency: Dealing with Disasters: FAQ

U.S. Department of Education Laws & Guidance/ Elementary & Secondary Education Part C – Homeless Education

The Texas Workforce Commission is accepting applications for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Individuals in the following counties can apply online at ui.texasworkforce.org or by calling 1-800-939-6631: Aransas, Bee, Brazoria, Calhoun, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Goliad, Harris, Jackson, Kleberg, Liberty, Matagorda, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Victoria and Wharton.

Information regarding government assistance in terms of the tax implications of Hurricane Harvey.  If you have specific concerns and want to discuss any issues – please call us at your convenience.

Here are some items of note.  Please note this information changes daily, so review the links below carefully:

  • As of August 28, counties eligible for relief: Aransas, Bee, Brazoria, Calhoun, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Goliad, Harris, Jackson, Kleberg, Liberty, Matagorda, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Victoria and Wharton counties.
  • All filing deadlines from August 23, 2017 to October 16, 2017 have been extended to January 31, 2018.  This includes filings which have been extended and are due during this time.  Examples include Individual, Trust, Partnership and Corporate tax returns; Estimated Tax payments due September 15th and January 16, 2018; Quarterly Payroll tax returns, and more.  This relief is also available where the CPA is located in a disaster area but the client resides elsewhere.
  • Losses can be claimed in the year the event occurred or the prior year.  Losses not covered by insurance or other reimbursements are eligible.
  • Expedite your filing.  IRS will expedite processing any returns with “Texas, Hurricane Harvey” in red ink at the top of the return.
  • Insurance payments for replacement property should be replaced within four years (personal residence) or two years (business property).  The IRS can extend these period upon request.
  • Some, but not all, federal assistance payments are non-taxable.
  • Hotel tax exemption – evacuees are to receive an exemption from Hotel Tax. If you stayed in a hotel and paid tax you can claim a refund by contacting the hotel.
  • Sales tax exemptions exist for labor charges for replacement or repairs with a valid exemption certificate from the State of Texas.  Note this is for labor only, there are specific requirements for purchases of tangible goods.
  • Remember that the IRS cannot and will not ever contact you by phone.  If you receive a phone call from the IRS it is a scam.





UPDATE: Texas expands D-SNAP to seven more counties


WIC families who have evacuated and lost or left behind WIC foods or formula already purchased can get replacement food benefits.

Visit TexasWIC.org or call 1-800-942-3678 for more information.

If you are in an area affected by the storm please press option 3 to speak with an operator during business hours (8am – 5pm Mon-Fri) and have them help you find an open location.


Due to the severe storms and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, and effective
immediately, retail food stores licensed by the Food and Nutrition Service to accept
SNAP benefits in the State of Texas may accept SNAP benefits in exchange for
HOT foods and foods intended to be consumed on retailer premises:

These special rules are in effect through September 30. When hot foods are purchased with SNAP EBT benefits through September 30, 2017, the purchases are NOT subject to sales tax, as the foods mentioned above are considered SNAP eligible during this period.

UPDATE: Texas expands aerial fight against mosquitoes


City of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi residents are reminded to dump any standing water around your property that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It only takes a small amount of water to start the breeding process. Mosquito dunks are available at local home improvement stores and are a great way to treat standing water. Vector Control has also been deploying larvacide in our local ditches and areas of standing water for the past couple of days, as well as monitoring the mosquito counts in the various traps scattered throughout the city. The city will continue daily fogging/spraying to treat the city.

Be sure to wear long sleeves while outdoors. Use a mosquito repellent with DEET, follow the directions and seek information about how to use mosquito repellant on a young child. Dogs need to limit time outdoors since they are susceptible to heartworms caused by mosquitoes. Please only use veterinarian approved insect repellents on your pets.

My Hurricane Story is a 32-page guided workbook that can help elementary school children across the hurricane-battered Gulf coast make sense of their experiences with Hurricane Harvey.

The workbook, which has been written, edited and illustrated by noted child wellness experts, contains dozens of activities that help traumatized children constructively work through their feelings of grief and loss. It specifically addresses and explores the effects that hurricanes have had on the child, their families, pets and homes.

The workbook also features several pages that assist parents and other adults in taking care of hurricane-affected children’s unique needs.