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Why choose Driscoll Health Plan? We have more than 60 years of experience taking care of children in over 24 counties in South Texas. Our expert staff provides quality health care and services. We offer more choices in local doctors and services than other insurance plans. Learn more…

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Driscoll Health Plan has a large network of primary care physicians (PCPs) to choose from. Our network of providers care for the whole family, not just children.

Do I qualify?

Texas Health and Human Services Commission makes the final decision on who qualifies for CHIP and Children’s Medicaid.

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Value-Added Services

Driscoll Health Plan offers a wide range of value-added services so that its members can stay healthy and enjoy life as well.


Managed Care

Driscoll Health Plan offers services through “managed care,” where members choose a health plan and its network of doctors. You will pick one doctor from our list to be your / your child’s Primary Care Provider (PCP).

This doctor will make sure that you / your child gets the right care that includes:

  • Giving you / your child regular checkups.
  • Writing prescriptions for medicines and supplies when you / your child is sick.
  • Telling you if you / your child should see a specialist.


State of Texas Access Reform (STAR) is no cost health care insurance for low income families.

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STAR Kids is the first Medicaid managed care program for children and young adults, age 20 and younger that have a disability.

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The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is health care for children 0-18 years.

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