DME Resource Guide


Member Portal: 

Visit Driscoll Health Plan’s Member Portal 

  1. Under programs select STAR KIDS
  2. Select Member Portal

Access Member Handbooks and Provider Directories: 

STAR Medicaid Materials

STAR KIDS Materials 

CHIP Materials

Contact Driscoll Health Plan Member Services: 

By calling 1-877-324-7543 (1-877-DCHP-KIDS) or by visiting our website for our Contact Information and selecting ‘Contact Us‘ at the bottom of the page.

Members will fill out a form that will be sent to the Member Services inbox.


Provider Portal:

Visit Driscoll Health Plan’s Provider Portal

To Request Authorizations of Services: 

  1. Visit our Provider Portal 
  2. Select ‘create authorization’

Access Online Forms:

Visit our Provider Portal by following the steps below.

Contact information

Member Services:

Call 1-877-324-7543 (1-877-DCHP-KIDS)

Provider Inquiries:

Hidalgo 1-855-425-3247

Nueces 1-877-324-3627


615 N. Upper Broadway Suite 1621

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

STEP ONE: Click on Provider Portal from our home page. 

STEP TWO: Log into the Provider Portal

STEP THREE: Provider Portal Home. For a new authorization, select ‘Create an Authorization’.

To Create an Authorization: Insert Member Information, click search, and follow the on-screen steps. 

Prior Authorization Information/Forms: On the left-side bar, select ‘Prior Authorizations Info & Requests Forms’

To Access Provider Forms: Click on Provider Info