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Baby Boxes

What are Baby Boxes?

Baby Boxes were created by the Government in Finland and were given to all pregnant moms. Baby Boxes are new baby starter kits that are also used as safe sleep spaces for babies. Each Baby Box includes a mattress with sheets so that it can be used as a bed for the baby. Handing out Baby Boxes has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest death rates.

What is Baby Box University?

The Baby Box University provides education for parents. The baby box combined with education gives babies a safe start in life. The Baby Box company works with medical professionals and specialists. They provide expecting and new parents access to several resources and a supportive network.

Get your Baby Box now

All expecting and new parents can participate! Get your Baby Box at no cost in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Register on Baby Box University.
  2. Log onto www. and watch the 15-minute video. After you’ve taken the quiz, you will receive a certificate.
  3. You can select the direct delivery option to have your baby box delivered to you.