Complaints, Appeals and State Fair Hearing

Driscoll Health Plan wants all of its members to be happy with its service. You may complain if you are not satisfied with the services or care you receive. You can file a complaint by calling or writing. If you need help filing a complaint, let us know. A Member Advocate is available to assist you. Just call 1-877-DCHP-KIDS.

In five business days of receiving your complaint, someone will send you a letter. It will confirm the day we received your complaint. We will review the facts and take action within 60 days of receiving your complaint. A resolution letter will be sent to you.

Driscoll Health Plan Member advocates are here to assist members with writing complaints and will help the member through the complaint process. If you need help with an appeal, the member advocate can help you file an appeal and assist you through the process. If you have a question about DHP’s covered or preventative services call 1-877-DCHP-KIDS.

Complaints, Appeals and State Fair Hearing (STAR Members & STAR Kids)

How to File a Complaint

How to Appeal a Denied Service and State Fair Hearings

Complaints and Appeals (CHIP Members)

How to File a Complaint

How to Appeal