Did you know children and teenagers ages 11-17 who are pre-diabetic, obese, and have hypertension are at a higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes? It sounds scary, but making small changes can help lower the risk of developing Diabetes and help you live a healthy life.

What is Unidos Contra la Diabetes (Together Against Diabetes)?

Unidos Contra la Diabetes (UCD)  is a learning program to educate members on Diabetes prevention.
With a virtual learning session, you will learn how to reduce its risk factors.

Who benefits from the program?

Unidos Contra la Diabetes is now offering a fun and interactive virtual learning session for
Driscoll Health Plan members. Sessions are offered to children and teenagers ages 11-17.

What are the steps for the program?

  • Click here to complete a health risk assessment, it will only take 3 minutes
    • After you complete the assessment, Driscoll will ask UCD to mail you a welcome package which will include a welcome letter and a QR code to register into program.
  • When you receive the package:
    • Complete a short pre-test before the education session
    • Complete the 10 minute education session
    • Complete a short post-test after education session
    • Fill out a survey on healthy habits and behavior
  • UCD will mail a Healthy Living Diabetes Kit to your home which includes:
    • Life Is Sweet Enough water bottle
    • Health literature
    • CDC vaccine recommendations
    • PreventT2 and Move Your Way! string bag
  • A follow-up survey will be sent at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after education session is complete
    • Complete the surveys to receive more fun items.
  • *Must complete education session and evaluation to receive kit.
    *Restrictions and limitations may apply.
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