The Center of Your Healthcare Journey

Everyone deserves access to exceptional healthcare, and as a member of Driscoll Health Plan, that is exactly what you get. We believe in building strong relationships with our members. That relationship is based on respect and open communication. Our member resources and personalized services allow you to make informed decisions and healthy lifestyle choices.

Additional Information

Update Contact Information:
Call 1-877-324-7543 to update your address or phone number. We will issue a new member ID card to you.
Call 2-1-1 to contact HHSC or visit Your Texas Benefits to manage your account online.

It is important to always have your contact information up to date.

Replace ID Card: 
Call DHP Member Services at 1-877-324-7543 as soon as you realize you have lost your member ID card.
A new card will be issued and shipped to you promptly.

What do I do if I need member materials in a different format?
Our staff speaks English or Spanish. We can help you with any questions you may have. We also have special services for people who have trouble reading, hearing, seeing or speaking a language other than English or Spanish. You can ask for member materials in audio, larger print, Braille, and other languages. Assistance is available for individuals with cognitive or developmental disabilities. To get help, call our Member Services toll-free number on your ID card.


How to Apply

First, check the program qualifications. Next, create a member login and complete the online application for the appropriate coverage option. If you need additional assistance, our staff is happy to help.
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