Stay Covered. Renew Your Membership.

Driscoll Health Plan wants to make sure you keep your healthcare coverage active. Each year, members must resubmit their information as part of the annual renewal process. This must be sent, even if all your details remain the same.

Call Driscoll Health Plan at 1-877-324-7543 if you have questions about your letter. If you need additional assistance, DHP has Case Navigators to help you through the process. 

Click here to request assistance with renewing your health benefits.

Renew Coverage Online

Visiting is the best way to renew. Once you login to your account, follow the steps to complete the process online. You can sign your renewal form and upload your paperwork on this website.

When Should I Renew?

You will receive a renewal notice in the mail or via email—if you have chosen to go paperless. You may also login to Your Texas Benefits account online to check the renewal status.

Steps to Renew Your Coverage:

Step One

Make sure your address and email are up to date.

Visit or call 2-1-1, option 2, to verify your information. For landlines, call 1-877-541-7905.

Step Two

Gather your information. You will need to prove your income and residency. Preparing this paperwork now will save you time later.

Step Three

Watch for your notice via mail or email. Members who choose to receive mail will get a letter from HHSC in a yellow envelope, like the one below.

yellow renewal letter

Inside of the envelope will be a renewal letter (Form H1211). Each person listed in the letter may need to take a different action to renew. The letter will list information that needs to be updated in order to continue receiving coverage.

Step Four

Send in the signed renewal form. You can submit this by visiting and uploading your completed form, or you may request a paper form be sent to you. The renewal notice will explain how to do this.

If you don’t take the action needed by the due date listed on your renewal notice, your coverage may end.

Renew Your Coverage Toolkit

Sample Documents

Sample Renew Eligibility Notice - PDF

This is a sample informational notice that informs households that they will need to renew their eligibility to continue their Medicaid coverage now that continuous coverage is ending.

Sample Information Notice - PDF

This is a sample informational notice used to notify a client of the extension of their coverage as HHSC is determining their Medicaid eligibility.

Sample  Additional Information Request - PDF

This is a sample notice used when HHSC is requesting additional information from what a client has already provided on their application.

Available Resources

How to Apply - PDF

Public Health Emergency (PHE) Frequently Asked Questions - PDF

Create a Your Texas Benefits Account - PDF

Renew Your Benefits - PDF

How to Report Changes - PDF

2-1-1 Texas – A one-stop shop providing information about local and community resources. They can also provide help with food, housing and healthcare. For landlines, call 1-877-541-7905

Am I Eligible?

Check your family’s size and income 
to verify program qualifications.

What Does it Cost?

See how costs vary based on the program and eligibility.

How Do I Enroll?

Follow our step-by-step enrollment guide.

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Application Assistance

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Complete this form and a Member Services representative will contact you to assist.
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