What are Consumer Directed Services (CDS)?

In STAR Kids, you may select how you would like some LTSS delivered. 

  • Agency Option (AO): all services provided and managed by an agency 
  • Service Responsibility Option (SRO): person manages day-to-day activities while the provider agency manages business activities 
  • CDS option: person who manages day-to-day and business activities 

CDS option gives you more choices and control over how some of your LTSS services are delivered. 

If you choose the CDS option, you will be able to: 

  • Find, screen, hire and fire the people who provide services to you or our staff. 
  • Train and direct your staff 

Services that can be managed by CDS will depend on your Waiver. Some of these services may include; attendant care, speech, physical and occupational therapy, respite care, employment assistance, flexible family support, etc. 

If you choose to be in CDS, you will contract with a Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA). FMSA will: 

  • Provide training and support to help you with your staff, 
  • Do your payroll and, 
  • File your taxes. 

Call the Service Coordination Line toll-free at: 

Nueces: 1-844-508-4673
Hidalgo: 1-844-508-4675 

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