Fraud and Abuse

Let us know if you feel that a healthcare provider or someone getting CHIP or STAR benefits is doing something wrong. They may be committing waste, abuse or fraud.

How do I report waste, abuse or fraud?

When reporting a provider (doctor, dentist, counselor and so forth) try to include:

  • Name, address and phone number of provider
  • Name and address of the facility (hospital, nursing home, home health agency and so forth)
  • Medicaid number of the provider and facility, if you have it
  • Type of provider (doctor, dentist, therapist, pharmacist and so forth)
  • Names and the phone numbers of other witnesses who can help in the investigation
  • Dates of events
  • Summary of what happened

When reporting a person who receives benefits, try to include:

  • The person’s name
  • The person’s date of birth, Social Security Number or case number if you have it
  • The city where the person lives
  • Specific details about the waste, abuse or fraud

To report waste, abuse or fraud, choose from the following:

Contact us directly at:

Driscoll Health Plan
Attn: Compliance Officer
615 N Upper Broadway, Suite 1621
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401-0764


Contact Us

Call the Office of the Inspector General Hotline at:


Visit the Office of the Inspector General website and click on “Report fraud, waste, and abuse” to complete the report.

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