Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Driscoll Health Plan is now offering medical transportation through our new partnership with One Call, a leading medical transportation management company.

In order to better serve our members, Driscoll Health Plan has partnered with One Call to offer transportation benefits to and from your medical appointments. One Call, with its extensive network and quality assurance practices, is committed to providing the highest standard of care for our STAR and STAR Kids members’ transportation needs. Beginning June 1st, 2021, medically necessary, routine transportation is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a quick reference on NEMT, click here.

Your transportation benefit will continue to be a covered service under your Medicaid benefit, and will not cost you anything. 

Driscoll Health Plan’s transportation benefit offers:

  • Curb-to-curb or door-to-door services, depending on member’s needs
  • Transportation to physician’s office, pharmacy, lab, and radiology appointments
  • The option to bring a family member, caretaker, or service animal
  • Long distance trips, out-of-area transport, and out-of-state/long-distance transport
  • Meals and lodging for long-distance trips, when needed
  • Public transit and mileage reimbursement if family or friends drive
  • Vans that accommodate wheelchairs are available based on members need

 Please keep in mind that your transportation benefit also comes with a Family and Friends reimbursement option. This means that a friend or family member can drive you to your scheduled medical visit and they will get paid by the mile. 

**Please note that standard-distance medical transportation should be requested 48 hours in advance and long-distance trips should be requested 5 business days in advance.

 One Call offices are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. 

How do I schedule a ride?
To schedule a pick-up, call One Call at: 1-833-694-5881

 Please provide:

  • Member ID number
  • Pick-up Address
  • Drop-off Address
  • Appointment Time

Where’s my ride?
To check the status of your ride, call One Call at: 1-833-694-5881

One Call

(800) 735-2989 (TTY) toll-free

Q:  How timely are One Call drivers?

A:  Drivers should arrive within 15 minutes of scheduled pick-up times.

Q:  What happens if the driver is running late?

A:  If the driver is running late, One Call receives an alert and contacts the member via phone. If the late arrival may cause an impact on the arrival time for the member’s appointment, One Call will ask the member if the arrival time is flexible. If not, One Call will contact the provider that the member is traveling to in order to determine if there is flexibility with arrival, or if the appointment can be changed to align with the member’s new arrival time, or later in the day.

Q: What happens if the member is running late?

A:  Member or Member’s representative should contact One Call and One Call can adjust the ride time with the driver. 

 Q:  What happens if the member is not there when the driver arrives?

A:  The driver will contact One Call. One Call will attempt to reach the member via phone call. For safety reasons, One Call drivers do not approach members’ homes unless requested and necessary for the transport.

 Q:  What if Member doesn’t know specific time appointment will end, especially in the case when the member has multiple appointments at one location?

A: The member should schedule a pick up with a tentative pickup time.  When the member is ready to be picked up from the prearranged location, the member can utilize text messaging with a reply, “R” or “Ready”, and that next ride will be requested and fulfilled.

 Q:  How are return trips scheduled?

A:  Return trip inquiries are made at time of scheduling. One Call recommends members schedule return trips times, even if tentative, as last minute requests can result in long wait times (up to 3 hours).

 Q:  How many days in advance does a trip need to be scheduled?

A:  Three days in advance is requested. Up to 24 hours in advance may be able to be accommodated.

Q: Can same day transportation needs be scheduled for urgent appointments? 

A:  One Call will make best efforts to accommodate all urgent requests. Urgent or last minute scheduling needs can result in long wait times (up to three (3) hours).

One Call offers the family and friends reimbursement program. All forms can be mailed or faxed to the below address.

Driscoll c/o One Call
P.O. Box 896
Elk Grove Village, IL 60009-0896
Fax: 1-904-394-8346

You can also email your forms to
For additional questions, please call One Call at 1-833-694-5881.

Bus Pass Verification Form

Gas Mileage Driver Enrollment Form

Gas Mileage Prefunding Form

Gas Mileage Reimbursement Form

Meal Prefunded Form

Meal Reimbursement Form