Four Driscoll Health System employees elected to leadership positions

Four Driscoll Health System employees have been selected for leadership positions in the local association of case managers.

Heather Pigott, senior director of Health Services, Driscoll Health Plan, was elected president of the Texas Riviera Association of Case Managers (TRACM), an organization which fosters quality case management through promotion and adherence to case management standards.

K-Linn Woodward-Read, director of Case Management/Disease Management for the Driscoll Health Plan, was elected vice president. Tonya Hunter, director of Resource Management at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, was elected treasurer, and Rozalyn Collins, manager Service Coordination, STAR Kids at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, was elected to the board.

“As health care policy is rapidly changing, it is important that local case managers and providers understand that they are pioneers of health care change,” said Pigott. “We need to collaborate with each other, as well as community organizations, to share information and strategies which promote best practices for improved patient outcomes and policy adherence.”

Pigott takes pride in Driscoll Health System’s history of excellence.

“Driscoll Health System is an innovative leader in providing efficient, quality, cost-effective health care services, and we want this to carry over into our community,” she said.

Driscoll leaders recognize what an honor it is for four of their employees to be selected.

“This great honor reflects the community’s acknowledgement of Driscoll Health System’s case management expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to share, collaborate and improve patient case management in the area and across the state,” said Dr. William B. Brendel, medical director of the Driscoll Health Plan.

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