What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?

EVV is a system that electronically documents and verifies service delivery information for certain required Medicaid service visits. The EVV system makes sure your approved services are provided to you. All program providers, service providers and Driscoll Health Plan (DHP) members are required to comply with EVV requirements.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

  • Your personal information in the EVV system is private and confidential. It may only be disclosed as allowed by federal and state laws, rules and regulations.
  • Your service provider or consumer directed services (CDS) employee may use your home phone to clock in and clock out of the EVV system. Only if you approve.
  • You can ask for an interdisciplinary meeting or service plan team meeting with your DHP service coordinator about concerns using the EVV system.
  • You have the right to make a complaint, voice grievances, or recommend changes in policy or services. No one can treat you differently because you made a complaint. No one can stop you from making a complaint. See the information below on how to make a complaint.

Your Responsibilities

Failure to perform these responsibilities may result in a referral for Medicaid fraud.

  • You must allow your service provider or CDS employee to use EVV to clock in and clock out in one of the following ways:
    • Service provider’s or CDS employee’s personal smartphone or tablet;
    • your home phone landline, only if you approve; or
    • an EVV alternative device. A small electronic device that is placed inside your home. It will remain in your home in an agreed location.
  • Do not clock in or clock out for your service provider or CDS employee at any time. You must tell your service provider agency or CDS employer if your service provider or CDS employee asks you to clock in or clock out of the EVV system for them.
  • If your service provider or CDS employee is using an EVV alternative device to clock in and out, you must immediately tell your service provider agency or CDS employer if the EVV alternative device is damaged or removed from your home, or if someone tampered with the device. You must also return the alternative device to your provider agency or CDS employer when you are no longer receiving Medicaid services that require EVV.

How to File a Complaint

You may submit a complaint to us directly or to the HHS Office of the Ombudsman. For more information, please visit: How to file a Complaint STAR and STAR Kids


For questions regarding EVV, you may contact us directly at:

Email: evvquestions@dchstx.org
Phone Number: 1-877-324-7543

You may also visit the HHS EVV webpage for more information about EVV. Information about member roles and responsibilities and frequently asked questions (FAQs) may be found on HHS Form 1718, Responsibilities and Additional Information (MCO). Information for CDS employers may be found on the HHS EVV Consumer Directed Services Option webpage. Also including registration/selection information, training requirements, contact information, and other resources. More information for program providers, financial management service agencies (FMSAs), and CDS employers may be found on the DHP Provider Portal.


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