Texas adds extra day to apply for D-SNAP in Nueces County

AUSTIN – Texas Health and Human Services announced Monday it will add an extra day for victims of Hurricane Harvey to apply for disaster food relief in Nueces County.

Nueces County residents who have not yet applied will have another opportunity to apply for D-SNAP from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, at Sunrise Mall, 5858 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi.

The extra day is being added due to longer than expected lines over the weekend and to ensure that those who are eligible have enough opportunity to apply.

The current Nueces County site at American Bank Center, 1901 N. Shoreline Blvd., Corpus Christi, served people through Monday night.

Residents who were in line at the American Bank Center site by 7 p.m. Monday and were not served by 9 p.m. were given a numbered ticket and will be served first when the Sunrise Mall site opens Wednesday. Others who have not previously been served can apply in person at Sunrise Mall. No other sites will be added in Nueces County after Wednesday.

The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as D-SNAP, provides short-term food benefits for eligible families recovering from a disaster.

For information on all currently approved D-SNAP sites, go to hhs.texas.gov/d-snap to find days and hours of operation.

D-SNAP is available to eligible people who are residents of one of the counties with a federal disaster declaration and weren’t receiving benefits through regular SNAP at the time of the disaster. Recipients will be given a Lone Star Card that will be loaded within three days with funds to purchase food from most grocery stores.

Residents of the affected counties may be eligible if they suffered damage to their home or business, loss of income or disaster-related expenses. Disaster-related expenses can include home repairs, temporary shelter or evacuation expenses.

Households must bring identification when applying for D-SNAP. Common types of verification include a driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification.

Eligible households will receive two months of benefits when their cards load. The benefit amount is equivalent to the maximum amount normally issued to a SNAP household of their size, within three days of applying.

Texas has been closely tracking eligibility and approvals for D-SNAP as benefits are delivered. Texas is administering D-SNAP based on federal guidelines and income parameters. Texas has controls in place to ensure benefits are provided to people who meet the requirements outlined by the federal program.

People who purposely provide wrong information to receive disaster benefits may be denied benefits, and legal action may be taken against them.

More Information

People with questions about D-SNAP, including those who have special needs, should dial 2-1-1 and select option 6. For other storm-related services, including shelters, dial 2-1-1 and select option 5. For questions about TANF, Medicaid or CHIP, dial 2-1-1 and select option 2.

To check benefit amounts, recipients can visit YourTexasBenefits.com or call the Lone Star Help Desk at 800-777-7EBT (800-777-7328).

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