Unidos Contra la Diabetes (UCD)

Driscoll Health Plan has partnered with Unidos Contra La Diabetes’ Diabetes Education Virtual Program!  Through this partnership members will learn how to control Diabetes easily, and at your own pace.  If you would like more information, please complete the survey. Someone will contact you shortly!

What is Unidos Contra la Diabetes (Together Against Diabetes)?

Unidos Contra la Diabetes is a learning program to educate members on Diabetes prevention.
With a virtual learning session, you will learn how to reduce its risk factors.

Who benefits from the program?

Did you know children and teenagers ages 11-17 who are pre-diabetic, obese, and have hypertension are at a higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes? It sounds scary, but making small changes can help lower the risk of developing Diabetes and help you live a healthy life.

Unidos Contra la Diabetes is now offering a fun and interactive virtual learning session for Driscoll Health Plan members. Sessions are offered to children and teenagers ages 11-17.

What are the steps for the program?

  • Click here to complete a health risk assessment, it will only take 3 minutes
    • After you complete the assessment, DHP will ask UCD to mail you a welcome package which will include a welcome letter with a QR code to register into program.
  • When you receive the package:
    • Complete a short pre-test before the education session
    • Complete the 10 minute education session
    • Complete a short post-test after education session
    • Fill out a survey on healthy habits and behavior
  • UCD will mail a Healthy Living Diabetes Kit to your home which includes:
    • Life Is Sweet Enough water bottle
    • Health Literature
    • CDC vaccine recommendations
    • PreventT2 and Move Your Way! String bag
  • A follow-up survey will be sent at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after education session is complete
    • Complete the surveys to receive more fun items.

*Must complete education session and evaluation to receive kit.


*Restrictions and limitations may apply.