Mental Health Self-Awareness

Driscoll Health Plan provides behavioral health case management to help coordinate treatment for our members’ mental health conditions.

Knowing the warning signs empowers you to seek help at the right time.

Check the chart below for tips to manage certain moods.

Safe Zone:  I'm Doing Well

  • I feel safe.
  • I sleep well.
  • I am happy and eating healthy.
  • I balance school/work well.
  • I don’t misuse drugs or alcohol.
  • I have several friends/interests.
Helpful Tips: 
  • Set goals to stay in this mood!
  • Take your medicines(s) daily and on time.
  • Go to your primary care provider regularly.
  • Participate in activities with friends and family.
  • Do not misuse alcohol, tobacco OR illegal drugs.

Caution Zone: Reach Out

  • I am being abused or bullied.
  • I am not sleeping well.
  • I am sad and not eating well.
  • I’m stressed/anxious/having panic attacks.
  • I’m misusing drugs or alcohol.
  • I don’t like myself/others very much.
  • I am preoccupied with thoughts of food and/or my weight.
Helpful Tips: 
  • Text HOME to 741741 (Crisis Text Line).
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks.
  • Talk to a parent, friend or counselor.
  • Maintain your daily and weekly schedule.
  • Continue to take your medicines(s) as directed.
  • Keep up with hobbies/sports or start new ones.
  • Do not misuse alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.
  • See your therapist or psychiatrist immediately.

Crisis Zone: Do Something

  • I hear voices telling me to hurt myself or others.
  • I feel like hurting or killing myself.
  • I feel like hurting or killing others.
Helpful Tips: 
  • Call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Urgent Care/ER!

Review the services available to you as a DHP member.

Call your healthcare provider when you have been:

  • Unresponsive to your medication
  • Feeling hopeless or worthless
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Feeling irritated, restless and/or aggressive
  • Uninterested in daily activities
  • Sleeping more or less than normal
To find the name and phone number of your Primary Care Physician, please look at the front of your Member ID Card.

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