The healthcare system can be overwhelming, but we are here to guide you through the process. We will take the time to understand your child’s requirements and develop a care plan tailored to their health needs. Every STAR Kids member receives this personalized service coordination.

STAR Kids Screening and Assessment Instrument (SK-SAI)

The STAR Kids Screening and Assessment Instrument (SK-SAI) is the tool used to establish a detailed care plan for your child. The care plan is called an Individual Service Plan (ISP).

First, a Service Coordinator will schedule a convenient time to meet with you and complete the assessment. The assessment can be done in your home or at another location of your choice.

Next, together with your Service Coordinator, you will determine which services are right for your child and how much of each service is needed. Your Service Coordinator will then set up necessary authorizations to ensure medical care for your child is not disrupted. While our goal is to maintain your family’s comfort, your child’s current care plan may change after being assessed. Our promise to you is that the well-being of your child is always the priority.

Service Coordinator’s Role:

  • Call you and get to know you and your healthcare, long-term care and behavioral health needs.
  • Use a health risk assessment to determine if you need immediate assistance.
  • Communicate with any case managers, doctors, pharmacists, or other persons necessary to organize your services.
  • Help you find the services you need in your community.
  • Write a care plan with you, your family's, and your doctor's help.
  • Monitor your progress toward your healthcare goals.


STAR Kids Frequently Asked Questions

If your doctor cannot be reached to approve a prescription, you may be able to get a three-day emergency supply of your medication. 

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Contact your Service Coordinator if your child needs to see a doctor or provider that is out of the area. We want to make sure your child keeps getting the care and services needed during the transition into STAR Kids. Driscoll Health Plan will authorize services that are out of the area when it is the best interest of your child.

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Your primary care provider or another doctor is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you get sick at night or on the weekend you can call your primary cares provider’s office number for help. The office will have an answering service or message on how to contact your primary care provider. Your primary care provider should return your call within 30 minutes. 

You may also visit an in-network after-hours clinic or urgent care center for sudden illness. You should contact your primary care provider’s office if you are unsure about going to an after-hours clinic or urgent care.

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As soon as you have your new address, give it to the HHSC benefits office by dialing 2-1-1 and call Member Services toll-free, for Nueces SA: 1-844-508-4672 or Hidalgo SA: 1-844-508-4674. Before you get Medicaid services in your new area, you must call Driscoll Health Plan, unless you need emergency services. You will keep getting care through Driscoll Health Plan until HHSC changes your address.

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If you get a bill, call Member Services and we can help you. We can call the provider’s office for you. You are not responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and services that are not covered by Medicaid.

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