Service Coordination

Service coordination is a service Driscoll Health Plan provides for you. You and your Service Coordinator will work together to assess your health needs. Together you will:

  • Create a care plan,
  • Organize all your services, and
  • Monitor your progress toward your health care goals.

When you enroll with Driscoll Health Plan, you will have a Service Coordinator available to you.
Your Service Coordinator will:

  • Call you and get to know you and your health care, long-term care, and behavioral health needs.
  • Use a health risk assessment to help decide if you need more help right away.
  • Talk with any case managers, doctors, pharmacists, or other persons that you say are important for your care needs.
  • Help you find the services you need in your community.
  • Write a care plan with you, your families, and your doctor’s help.
  • Stay in contact with you to check up on your health.
  • Keep track of your care plan to see if you are meeting your care plan goals.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your Service Coordinator or call a Service Coordination main number:

Nueces: 1-844-508-4673
Hidalgo: 1-844-508-4675

You can also call Driscoll Health Plan Member Services who can help you contact your Service Coordinator: Call toll free at:

Nueces: 1-844-508-4672
Hidalgo: 1-844-508-4674